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Agape Recruiting Group is a family-oriented, dynamic recruiting firm that offers a wide range of services to healthcare professionals by matching candidates with the right health care organizations. With an emphasis on the unique needs and opportunities specific to the healthcare industry.

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Are you looking for a career change that can lead to better job opportunities, advancement and personal satisfaction? 

Do you want to work with like-minded people who have a passion for helping those in need? Healthcare professionals who are ready to help the world survive health situations and make sure everyone has access to quality care.

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The Agape Recruitment Group is the newest care provider in the healthcare sector. We are looking for people who are not afraid to try something new, and our company is not afraid to change with the times. The true mark of a company that is innovative and willing to take risks is one that values its employees. Our goal as a company is to make every employee feel like family, while also providing them with all the tools and resources they may need in order to succeed at work or at home.

Agape is an exciting opportunity to join a growing team where we work as a family and push each other to succeed. Our values are built around our core principle; Agape love. We believe in providing great value to our clients by doing what is best for them and for their careers, whilst maintaining the highest standards of care for all that we do.

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